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The 9 Centers or "Chakras"

The centers are also classically known as the chakras. The reason there are 9 centers as opposed to 7 chakras is due to the evolution of human consciousness over time. In 1781 there was a transition from being 7 centered to 9 centered when humanity's conscious experience evolved intellectually. 

Centers can be either defined or undefined. When a center is defined on the body graph it will be colored. Definition means that the energetic theme is "fixed" or consistent within that person & will always have a sort of signature unique to the individual. When a center is undefined it will be white. An undefined center represents your "openness" or where you are energetically receptive & absorbing energy from those around you. Open centers absorb, amplify, and sometimes distort the energy they are receiving. Which can make things very confusing when dealing with others. Your openness is where you develop wisdom to share with the world. Reflectors are the only type who always have every center open or white. This is how they are the barometers or evaluators of society.


The head center houses mental pressure. This stores and creates doubts, thoughts, answers, 

The not self question of the open head center is "Am I trying to answer everybody else's questions?"


The ajna center houses all of our ideas & insights.

The not self question of the open ajna is "Am I trying to convince everybody else or myself that I am certain, smart, or sure of myself/mental capacity?"


The throat center is obviously where we express ourselves from any of the far corners of our mind or other bodily wisdom. 

The not self question of the throat center is "Am I trying to attract attention to myself?"


The G Center is about self identity. 

The not self question of the open identity/ G center is "Am I still seeking/looking for love or direction?"


The Ego center houses our sense of self worth, will power and ability to uphold commitments. It is also known as the ego/heart/will due to its direct connection with the physical heart.

The not self question of the open ego center is "Do I still feel the need to prove or improve myself? Do I still feel unworthy and the need to prove my worth so I can be loved?"





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