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Quarantine showed me that it was time to expand my offerings to include what I know about healing with herbs from 10 years of study and implementation. Many people seemed to be unsure about the history of pestilence and the prevalence of the healing power nature provides to us in abundance without fail. 

A field of Chaparral at the base of the Chinati Mountains in South Texas where I sometimes wild harvest the herb.

Introducing La Gobernadora Essence Co which is inspired by my favorite herb: Chaparral or Creosote bush (Larrea Tridentata).

I focus most of my products, like Governess Salve, around Chaparral as the main ingredient, because it is such an amazing & versatile plant. 

"La Gobernadora" translates to "The Female Governor" in Spanish simply because Chaparral governs the desert, expanding for millions of acres across the harshest desert conditions from Northern Mexico through the Southern United States sprawling to Los Angeles, CA. In other words, Chaparral ain't playing. She's powerful & I am truly excited to introduce you!

I will also have a supply of the best quality and directly sourced herbs that have been known to aide a variety of internal issues available for purchase as teas.  

My other addition is zero waste alternatives to plastic food storage via beeswax wraps made from 100% compostable and renewable materials all sourced in the USA. I use domestic vendors who are either local or in another state and I source handmade, homegrown, and wildcrafted as much as possible. Join me as we put the power back into the people which will help generations to come. Empower your mind and body by choosing to shop less big business, reuse more, and heal your body naturally from the inside out!

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Apply to minor cuts, scrapes, skin irritations, blemishes, bug bites, and sunburns.

Also traditionally known to be effective in masking your scent for hunters.

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