Foreword : What is Human Design?

The best way that I introduce people to Human design is by comparing the teachings to that of Astrology but far more advanced.  The knowledge is derived from vedic Astrology, the I Ching, the Chakra system, the Tree of Life/ Kabbalah, and modern disciplines of Quantum Mechanics, Astronomy, Genetics, & Biochemistry. You discover your chart through inputting your birth information to find the precise calculations of your 'design'. This is calculated by combining your time of birth and 3 months before you were born, which is said to be wehn the 'soul' enters the body. These two combine a representation of your subconscious experience and your conscious personality experience.

Your chart can show how you receive the world around you and how that world receives you. It can reveal answers to you about the 'why ' & also offer self validation of your internal experience. This is not all 'love & light'. This will show you positive attributes and 'negative' tendencies. This is not a belief system, merely a tool to be used to gain further self awareness & personal strength. The purpose of applying some of the principles in your life is to 'decondition' your life/mind in order to be true to yourself. Shedding all that you have been programmed with by society, schooling, parents, and anything that tried to prescribe you to attune to being a 'normal/ just like everyone else human'. Suffocating, right?

This system allowed me to recognize my purpose at a deeper level & gifted me with more compassion for myself and others. 

In my design I am very open, so I deeply take in other people and the world around me. What would be considered a "highly sensitive person". This made life often overwhelming and made me very attuned to the world around me, as I could see and feel it all. Living as the observer skirting on the outside.

I am what is known as a Projector, one who is here to guide, who deeply understands, listens, and has a unique complexity. I felt very misunderstood throughout my life & knew there was 'something ' else going on.  Much more than I could try to put into words or tangibly show to anyone else. The reason I opened myself up to guide people through readings and into a deeper understanding of themselves/others is because part of my life purpose is to deliver empowerment through the spirit. 

Right Angle Cross of Penetration : People who catch us off guard and get our attention with their penetrating intuitive insights; ideas which can shock, shift or mutate our perceptions.

We currently have a multitude of `epidemics` in our country from illness to racism and suicide. I aim to empower individuals to boldly live true to themselves, expand their perception of their interactions to discover a new layer of acceptance of one another & to live outside of fear - which is ultimately NOT what we are to embody. People are often starved for connection and transparency, so start with your Self first.

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