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Manifestors : about 8% of the population. Strategy - Inform // Signature - Peace // Not Self - Anger

Manifestors are messengers, historical leaders like Kings & Queens, modern day Landlords and Bosses. They are here to Inform & Initiate, their life path is learning to become wise about how they impact other people. They can be wise, influential, teachers who love to lecture. OR they can be incredibly cold, controlling, domineering and explosively angry. Their aura is dense and pushing, so this makes it very hard to get or feel close to a manifestor as their aura is naturally repellant. Manifestors can be alone their entire lives and generally meet resistance within relationships if they are not pandering to their family or coworkers. They can incite anger in others as much as they display it. Really, they are here to know peace, only through informing does this ever have a chance of becoming their reality. The manifestor is the driving force and they create frequency.  

Hitler, Jack Nicholson, Maya Angelou, Taylor Swift, and Vladamir Putin are some famous personalities who are Manifestors. Maya Angelou and Ra Uru Hu definitely understood the "Peace" thing, you can judge the rest... Ra Uru Hu was the man who shared the knowledge of the Human Design system. 

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Projectors : about 20% of the population. Strategy - Be Invited // Signature - Success // Not Self - Bitterness

Projectors are guides driven to be of service to others. They can be guides to anyone, but mainly the Generator type. They are here to be an intermediary between the Manifestor and Generator types. Projectors are unique in the sense that they have a unique ability to see how everything and everyone works. Their aura is deeply penetrating, picking up on true nature of things, systems and within others. Which is why it is so important for them to WAIT to be invited before sharing what they see. Otherwise they will incite resentment from others and feel bitterness within themselves that their insights or advice was not received well. Imagine you were peeking on someone who was unaware they were being watched and told them not only where they were going wrong but that you were violating their privacy? They can feel like a sharp knife or strong presence and attention as if you are the only one in the room. Projectors are here to acknowledge others for their gifts and true nature but they must be recognized, invited and appreciated for their nature and contribution. Projectors often feel exhausted and unappreciated for who they are because they are really not here to work. The projector is the "glue" holding all of the forces and energies together in the whole of the "matrix", they can read frequency. Constantly reading and picking up on frequency can be tiring which is why projectors can only work one on one, with a focus on quality over quantity.  Some well known projectors include Freddie Mercury, Walter Mercado, JFK, Marilyn Monroe, Fidel Castro, Charles Manson, Bettie Page, Karl Marx and Nelson Mandela. 

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Generators & Manifesting Generators : about 70% of the population. Strategy - wait to respond //   Signature - Satisfaction // Not Self  - Frustration. Generators & MGs are here to know and discover themselves. Their Aura is open and enveloping which can feel like a hug or smothering. Generators have what is known as Sacral life force energy. This is self sustaining and generating. Their energy is designed to thrive on the creative process and it is very important that they love their work and feel satisfied at the end of the day with how they used their energy. Their sacral says 'uh-huh' or 'un-uhn'/ yes or no. Too often do generators get caught up doing too much for others or getting caught up in agreements that drain them with no way out. This is why it is so important for generators to wait for their gut to respond, otherwise they become frustrated and others will become frustrated with them. The whole world is caught up in an unsustainable work lifestyle that is constantly emitting frustrated life force energy that we are all immersed within. Generators are historically the slaves or the "people", under the manifestors rule. Manifesting Generators are sort of a hybrid type because they can operate at a higher octane like caffeinated. MGs tend to skip steps, but have more of a leader position. They need to Inform and then respond/act. Due to the creation of frequency and the ability to sustain a creative process, many famous musicians are MGs. They are built to tour, perform, and create. It is said that emotional MGs are the most powerful people on the planet.

Some famous generators are John Lennon, Oprah Winfrey, Carl Jung, Dolly Parton, Dalai Lama, Madonna, and Bill Gates.

~ Manifesting Generators are Donald Trump, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Alicia Keys, Pink, Bruce Lee and the beloved Anthony Fauci. 

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Reflectors : about 1-2% of the population. Strategy - wait a lunar cycle (30 days) // Signature - Surprise // Not Self - Disappointment. Reflectors have no "definition". By design, they are completely open and act as a barometer for their environments. Their aura is similar to teflon, nothing sticks to them. They are the mirrors for people but more so for society at large. They sample energy and need the most rest out of any type. They are rare and considered to be the evaluators, but they are the most conditioned of any other type. You can tell if a room, a family, a town, a city or any other environment is well or healthy by looking to a reflector. They can seem like chameleons and are governed by lunar cycles \ the moon. They have to be sure they like what or who they are sampling or they need to move on to new people and places. It is said that a reflector will really only be consistently present for about 100 people in their lifetime, and they can be the guides for the projectors. Reflectors and projectors are the only true "non-energy" types and they are not here to work. Being the mirror for others means that you may experience people display their own self disdain onto you if they do not like themselves deep down, this can be disappointing if you become attached to certain people or situations.

Some famous Reflectors are Sandra Bullock, HG Wells, Ammachi and Scott Hamilton.

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