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Alchemy : a power or process that changes or transforms something in a mysterious or impressive way.

Hi! I'm Rebecca. I've practiced massage with a focus on the oldest Eastern healing modalities like Ashiatsu (foot pressure), Chinese Fire Cupping, and acupressure for over 9 years. 

Many people are referred to me based on a trusted friend raving about how Ashiatsu changed the way they felt or moved & out of curiosity and intrigue. "Once you go Ashi, you rarely ever look back." A phrase commonly echoed within the Ashiatsu comunity. All of my clients say they just haven't received the kind of relief they were seeking from hands on massage. This is due to the efficacy of pressure and techniques applied to release long standing fascial restriction (or a knot) thats been haunting you for years simply cannot be delivered via hands on unless you spend the entire session on one spot, resulting in many sessions as well as more financial investment.

Ashiatsu is far superior to a traditonal hands on massage, that is sometimes delivered with harsh boney forearms, elbows or knuckles. While I do still incorporate my hands during neck, feet or hand work, my feet are my main tools. Unlike many people might think, well cared for feet are not cold and clammy but deceptively feel like hands. 

I've completed all levels of Ashiatsu training and focused almost exclusively on this modality. Barefoot massage has allowed me to float & "surf" the body while applying the perfect amount of pressure to leave you feeling sedated and phenomenal for weeks. After only a few successive sessions, you can expect to experience noticeable relief in your physical areas of tension.

When I stand on the table, I am using the bars overhead for balance and pressure control while I typically use one foot at a time to perform strokes and the other to bear my weight. Ashiatsu allows me to have an aerial view of your body's response that is not as easy when working from a lateral plane of view where applied pressure does not translate to an entire chain of command along a muscular and fascial pathway. 

I have worked with varying grades of conditions, surgeries, and areas of pain including muscular dystrophy, rheumatoid arthritis, frozen shoulder, hip replacements, minicisal tears, rotator cuff injuries, pregnancy and post partum, etc. I approach each client with a customized plan to ensure they feel heard and comfortable in session.

$150 for 60 minutes

$225 for 90 minutes

$300 for 120 minutes 

*all sessions are full time & include options for heat packs, hot towels, essential oils, therapeutic techniques, and a routinely cleaned/ sanitized & spa decorated environment. 



Rebecca Lippens, LMT AOBT CCM



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