Alchemy : a power or process that changes or transforms something in a mysterious or impressive way.

Ashiatsu : Ashi means foot and Atsu means pressure in Japanese. Ashiatsu is the art of "backwalking" or massaging the body with the feet instead of the hands. 

"That's some kind of magic!" A phrase I have heard echoed by clients for as long as I have practiced Ashiatsu and Traditional Fire Cupping. Whether clients leave able to walk more upright, take a deep breath, scratch their head without pain, or sleep soundly through the night again; there is always a noticeable change. All I aim to provide is effective & lasting pain relief or resolution through practicing ancient Eastern therapeutic methodology. 

The mystery : 8 years of focused study, practice, and a receptive approach to each person's unique needs and history. 



Rebecca Lippens, LMT AOBT CCM